5 Critical Must Know Items For Making Money With A Blog

The Five Most Important Lessons for Making Money With a Blog


There are thousands of ways to make money online. Every day, new ventures start up promising vast opportunities for wealth for those dedicated enough to give it a try.


Most fail. In fact, even the successful online entrepreneurs will tell you that the majority of their ideas never amount to anything. What separates the winners from the wash-outs is recognizing a good idea soon enough to devote your full attention to it and, similarly, knowing when it’s time to move on to something else.

Learning how to make money with a blog is a long and involved process, even when you have the guidance of practiced experts. There’s an opportunity for any talent or working style, so long as you can ferret it out.


Everyone makes mistakes and develops his or her own unique path to success, but there are also some general guidelines that, if practiced, can save you a small fortune in both time and money. These are five of the most important lessons for bloggers that you shouldn’t have to learn on your own.




When you begin a website, have a niche in mind and stick to it. For example, a “make money blog” centered around affiliate marketing should not run a bi-weekly feature on dog-training techniques.


It dilutes your search engine optimization and, more importantly, your brand. When just beginning a website, focus on narrow keywords targeting a specific audience to build your reputation with Google.


Only expand into broader keywords once you have the clout to take on the larger websites. It takes a while, but once you are there only a sudden catastrophe or long period of neglect will topple you.


The biggest mistake bloggers make when beginning their career is to leapfrog from one project to the next. If a website fails to gain massive popularity after two or three months, they shelve it and create a new one to try again.


This is not how to make money with a blog: It’s how to lose it. If, after six months, you still aren’t seeing any progress, it may be time to re-evaluate your strategy. Once your website is running well and seeing a steady flow of traffic or clients, you should be able to let things run mostly on auto-pilot. When you reach that point, you will have the time and resources to dedicate yourself to your next undertaking.


Stay Active


Failed bloggers wash out at different stages. Most of them quit in less than three months after they fail to make millions overnight. But the saddest cases are those who begin to see a steady trickle of income and become complacent.


They rest on their laurels and lose their momentum until one day they realize they’re making half of what they used to earn. By then, it may be too late to make a recovery and the defeated blogger slowly fades into obscurity.


This is a common occurrence throughout business, but its especially dangerous for Internet marketers. Being able to work from home is a blessing in many ways, but it requires discipline.


If you find that you’re having trouble keeping up a steady workflow, try setting yourself quotas. Start with something small, such as doing a blog post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday every week.


Eventually, move up to a post a day and perhaps even more than one. You’ll know when you hit your peak output level. Always look for new chances, assess them honestly and don’t be afraid to pursue promising avenues. The only way to stay ahead in an industry that moves as fast as the Internet is to never get comfortable.


Make sure though that you are only publishing high quality content. It would be more beneficial in my opinion to write one epic blog post a month than to write 3 mediocre posts a week.


Generate Publicity


Think of every website as an island on the Web. It might be lush and full of valuable things, but if no one knows that it’s there it doesn’t matter. One way to put your website on the map is search engine optimization.


Appearing on Google for a keyword search like “make money blog” is how people find you, but it doesn’t tell them why they should visit. To increase your name and brand recognition, you’ll need to build some bridges from other neighboring islands on the Internet.


Back-linking is essentially building that bridge. Building back links is an essential part of search engine marketing. Google likes to see links from high-quality websites pointing to your own. It shows that your content is worth the attention of other respected members of your niche and attracts readers of higher-traffic blogs. Avoid back-links from poor sources.


It used to be a widespread practice to post the same poorly spun content over and over again to different websites. Following Google’s Penguin update in 2012, however, this strategy tends to do more harm than good. Write guest posts for others, host some on your own blog and post content that incites debate within the community to gather beneficial links.


I am not against spinning articles at all. You just have to ensure that the articles are well spun, highly readable and unique. If your short on cash a great tool I use for creating backlinks is SocialMonkee. I like it because it’s cheap as hell (one time $7 fee for life) and you can submit any url of your choice and get backlinks everyday and like I said you only pay one time for life.


For spinning articles I use Spin Rewriter. I use a Macbook Pro so it’s kind of hard to find good spinning software for my OS. I am super impressed with spin rewriter. It spins the Articles super fast and will do almost all the heavy lifting by itself. Plus it has a backend submission tool that will allow you to submit to tons of sites with a single click.


Monetize Wisely


Nothing turns readers off more than a blog that’s blatantly designed to make money. Advertisements plastered all over the page and links screaming “Buy now!” won’t impress an audience that has seen it over and over again.


Instead, be smart about your monetizing strategy. If you run a “make money blog,” don’t take the lazy way out with AdSense. Offer counseling services; write and market an e-book; or review affiliate products to cultivate a broader income base reliant on your own skills and talents. You may find that these methods offer much greater potential than advertising alone.


Selling products and services is a more promising strategy than relying on the fickle clicks of passing visitors, but like all things it should be practiced in moderation. When reviewing products, don’t just sing their praises and ignore the flaws.


Buyers can smell a fake from a mile away and they want good, honest assessments. Establish yourself as a reliable and helpful source within a niche and your customers will continue to come back for more. When deciding how to make money with a blog, remember that the most subtle methods are often the most successful.


Use Blogging as a Launching Point


Finally, don’t think of yourself as only a blogger. A blog is just a platform that makes getting your message and business out there easier. First and foremost, you are an Internet marketer, and if you stick with it, you will likely see your career take any number of turns you never expected.


Embrace it and don’t lock yourself into a narrow concept of what bloggers should and should not do. The big money goes to those who aren’t afraid to take risks and adjust their expectations.


You may find that as time goes on your blog becomes simply a useful marketing tool to connect with clients and keep the rest of your business fresh.


Don’t hide in anonymity


Put out great products and content, and own it. You’ll be surprised to discover the loyalty of those who find a refreshingly helpful blog after an endless sea of junk and spam.


Anyone can make money online; the real question is how much.


Avoiding the common mistakes and starting your career as a blogger strong may mean all the difference between a few cents a day and a full-time living.


No one can predict your trajectory or the troubles you may face, but they’re sure to pop up sooner or later. Remember to prepare with some back-up savings and to stay motivated even when things aren’t going your way.


All of the people at the top have gone through trying times with their business, and the only way you’ll join them is by having dedication and an open mind. With a little luck and a lot of work, your blog should emerge from the pack, gain a dedicated readership and provide you with a tidy profit along the way.


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Til’ Next time Take Care

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