1 easy way to make money online that even a ten year old could do

How to make money online, with zero cost: a truly passive income idea.

I’m not kidding at all. If you think I wrote that title just to entice you to read this article then you are wrong. I wrote it, partially to entice you to read this article.  I will however, deliver on the promise to show you a free way that you can create a passive income stream that can get bigger and bigger over time.

And yes even a ten year old can do this.

Consider this if a ten year old were to devote a little time each day forrrr, lets say a year. I can safely say that they could be looking at earning recurring revenue that continues to grow for years and years to come.

There are no shortage of income ideas online. You can do a Google search for how to make money and you will get a gazillion results. What you will not find a lot of are ways to make money for people who do not have a lot of money to invest.

Furthermore, you will find even less ways that offer truly passive and residual income.

Alright I’ll cut to the chase.

How to earn a truly passive and residual income stream.

There are many ways actually that fall into this concept and will discuss them all eventually but for now I am talking about simply sharing your thoughts, Ideas, advice and knowledge.

Have you ever heard of Hubpages. Hubpages is a website where every day people like me (you are extraordinary) are able to write about virtually anything we want to write about and in return we have an opportunity to create a passive and continuous stream of revenue from affiliate products, and Adsense. You can write about the new blender you got last week and as people read your article you will get paid every time they click an advertisement or purchase a product from an affiliate such as Amazon.  Or, your ten year old son can write an article about Pokemon Cards and over time as more and more people read his article his income will keep on growing.

The topics of your articles are only limited by your imagination. Below are just a few examples

Yes you can literally write about anything.

So you see how you can do something one time, and it will pay you for as long as Hubpages is around.

This is similar to many of my Niche Websites that I have built and rarely even look at any more. But the traffic to those sites continue to increase and along with it so does my income.

One of the differences is that I have to pay a small fee to keep my sites going (no big deal).  Hubpages is absolutely free.

Now I will tell you though, that as good of an author as your ten year old probably is, he or she will not get rich off of one article. As a matter of fact they probably wouldn’t even be able to pay for their own school lunch on a daily basis.

However the more article they write, the more income they can make.

Take this for example.

I used to be in Network Marketing, and if you know anything about the industry you know that you need to recruit people who sell products and who also recruit people who sell products, to infinity and beyond. Well over 90% of Network Marketers quit because it just never works as well as they say it will at the meetings.


What if it did work?

Think of each article you write as an associate that you recruit.  You recruit that associate (write that article) one time and now they are out there forever promoting and selling the companies products and you make money each time. Except in this case the associate never quits, or even takes breaks. Even better, the customer doesn’t even have to buy anything from the associate, all they have to do is open up the cover and take a look inside (click a link).   If that isn’t enough to make you start scratching your head and getting excited, the customers don’t even really have to look inside (click). If enough people just walk by, you will get paid for impressions (views), albeit a much lower rate.

Now what if you could recruit as many associates as your heart desired. It’s no longer a matter of convincing a person to join you, but simply a matter of how much time are you willing to spend, punching out unique articles? 3 a day? 4, how about 20 a week for a year? would that be worth $1K every month a year or so down the road?

Each article you write is forever out there on the internet promoting your message and selling  a product 24/7.  The question now is how many articles do you want out there working for you day and night.

If I told you that if you were to write 500 article this year, that by next year you would be making an extra $1k a month that continues to increase without having to do anything else, why would you not go write 500 article. That’s just a little more than one a day.

Heck you could write 15  or so every Saturday and be good for the week.

How about going for 1000 article or even 2000. Even if it took you two years to do it. An extra $2000 a month for 2 years work is not so bad.

If you haven’t visited the about me page than your not aware that I am currently serving in the Active Duty Air Force.

I have to do 20 years in the Air Force to get a little more than $2K for the rest of my life. What is 2 years of hard work, writing?

This is not the only way to make money online and if this does not float your boat don’t worry I will share other income ideas that may be more suited for you.

Make sure you check out my post on  The best way to post original articles on Hubpages with out having to write a single word.


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